Cremation Memorialization Products

Selecting a permanent memorial is an important decision which will provide you and the generations that follow much comfort in remembering your loved one.



One option is interment in a niche. Most cemeteries have an assortment of niche offerings that allow you to create a highly-personalized tribute. If you wish to create a tribute with an urn, pictures, mementos and keepsakes displayed, you may choose an open glass front niche. If you prefer more privacy, choose a closed niche made of granite, marble or a bronze front.



A granite columbarium is a beautifully designed structure that contains secure niches. Often a statue or feature is added creating a lovely and inspirational focal point.

Cremation Gardens:

Cremation Gardens

Designed especially to provide peace and inspiration, cremation gardens are often used for committal services and receptions, as well as to provide permanent memorial tributes. The garden can have a combination of many beautiful ways to keep and memorialize a loved one.

Cremation Memorials:

Cremation Memorials

Perfect for if you choose cremation but want ground burial, these bronze memorials include a special built-in compartment for cremated remains. Cremation memorials are available in companion and individual styles and many include a vase for floral remembrances on special days such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Cremation Pedestal & Pedestal Benches:

Cremation Pedestal & Pedestal Benches

A cremation pedestal or pedestal bench offers you a versatile, highly-personalized tribute for your loved one. Constructed utilizing the finest quality granite and craftsmanship, they provide a desirable alternative for sheltering cremated remains in a peaceful outdoor setting.